In these times of copious record releases, it was sort of strange that the Born Losers -a well-liked and already veteran band, with three excellent singles with successful sales- had still not waxed an album. It was not a matter of indolence, since their members were involved in all sorts of side projects, and their first LP confirms that The Losers were getting ripe for top-rank R'n'R.
The results are exceptional indeed. Far from their early influences -namely, the sound of Davie Allan And The Arrows-, the band retains its peculiar sixties flavor, but their references have increased. The clear Arrows influence from their beginnings has now been replaced by ideas from the Challengers or the sound of the Ventures in their late Dolton records/early Liberty waxings: raw R'n'R, allied with pop melodies, jazzy touches and film music, without ever falling into corniness. In short, the music of The Born Losers is as intense and impressive as the image they project.
We are fairly certain that this album is bound to be a commercial success, particularly overseas, where instrumental R'n'R is traditionally appreciated.
The Losers are emerging as clear winners with this latest offering.

Titel: Cycle Guitars
Label: Mean Dispositio
Stil: Biker
Best-Nr.: MDLP002-KSLP001
Typ: LP
Preis: 26.- EUR

BORN LOSERS - Cycle Guitars

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Theme From "Angels Never Die"
Funnel Of Love
Fast Shift
Teenage Rebel
Be Seeing You
Run For Your Life

Fukushima Speedway
From Russia With Love
The Fight
Tokyo Drifter
Cycle Guitars
Angels Never Die (Dirge)

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